Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bendungan Karang kates, the great reservoir in Malang

Bendungan Karang Kates is one of the great reservoir in java. This reservoir located about 40km from Malang city, acttually 1 hour travel from malang to the south region. Karang Kates have many funtion to the society of Malang. This reservoir have saving water supply for region need. Karang Kates also have other name with Bendungan Sutami. Sutami is the name of enginer that build and design this reservoir.

In Bendungan Karang Kates you can doing many activity for enjoy your holiday during travel to Malang. Fishing is the most activity that interest many tourist to visit here. Many variety of fish are life here. Enjoying the beautiful sky and panorama of mountain can give you a refreshing day here.

If you want to visit here, I suggest you dont swim here at the water near the dam because danger possible area of speel way of water.

I hope you will enjoy to visit malang in Indonesia. happy traveling to Indonesia.
by ramadhani
(my journey to karang kates when I was at high school)

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