Monday, December 19, 2011

Enchantment in Danau Tiga Warna Kelimutu Lake Flores island

If your hobby is natural activity, do a trip to Lake Three Colors, Flores, who was in the northern island of Flores, precisely in the village of strikes, District Moni, Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. According to some sources encountered, the best time to enjoy the scenery in a natural lake that lies on top of Mount Flores it was early morning at sunrise.

Travel can be reached from the town of Ende which takes approximately two hours with a standard speed. To get an amazing view of sunrise, you have to leave at around 3:30 pm.

Transport access to the lake is not so easy, but local and foreign tourists usually prefer to hire a vehicle through local travel agents, or if the clever approach of local communities, not hard we can rent their bikes. But do not forget to check the condition of the vehicle before, do not let your tour plagued by technical problems resulting from our own negligence.

Or if we do not want to rush off early morning, may also choose to stay at some home stay run by local people with a range of Rp 25,000 to Rp 50,000. Or we can stay in cottages provided local governments with a range of Rp 50,000 to Rp 75,000. All depends on your needs.

Approximately two hours along winding roads, ravines and cliffs on its sides, as well as road conditions are not so smooth in some parts until we get to the village of Moni, the village is situated at the foot of Mount Flores. Stinging cold to the bone, heavy clothing becomes an obligation for this trip. Therefore, for those of you who have an allergy cold, it is advisable to wear thick clothing.

From the village of Moni, the lake has ever been nominated for the wonders of the world that live within 45 minutes travel alone. The road narrowed and began to climb. But the natural scenery on the left and right to be tired of drugs and make this challenging journey enjoyable.

To enter national parks Flores, we only pay a fee of Rp 2,000 only. To get to the lip of the lake, we still have to up the stairs and cobblestone streets about 20 minutes. The sound of birds chirping and forest insects accompany each step to the lake which is located 1690 meters above sea level until we get to the point of view.

Creation of the Almighty etched in front of the eyes, three separate crater-shaped lake on the left and right. If adjusted to the eye, the lake on the left or brownish-black in the local language is called Ata Mbupu Tiwu which according to local belief, the lake is a haven of old ghosts.

Who's who on the right, there are two separate lakes thin cliffs. A light-blue local call Tiwu Nuwa Muri Ko'o Fai or lake funeral spirits of young people, being the rightmost dark green Tiwu named Ata Polo, who is believed to be the wake wicked spirits.

According to local residents who had accompanied there, you include people who are lucky if the trip to see a monkey. Local people believe that the lake is a sacred lake and give fertility to the surrounding area, it is not uncommon ceremonies are often held at the lake where people make offerings to the spirits of the earth results in the lake.

Changes in the natural and eternal trust

Kelimutu had erupted in 1886 and left three shaped crater lake water color can change unexpectedly, according to the mineral content and the weather. Unexpected changes the color of lake water, it makes its own mystery is not able to solve until now.

It is worth noting, once the lake is never red, white and blue. Like two sides of a coin that could not be separated, to walk in harmony with the natural changes lasting trust of local communities to make a magic lake itself is an attraction for everyone, especially those of you outdoors enthusiasts and fans of natural scenery.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Indulge Yourself while Being in Lombok

Lombok island located in West Nusa Tenggara is almost head-to-head with its neighbour island, Bali, in competition of attracting foreign and domestic tourists. Lombok can be categorized as one of the compelete tourist destinations with its fantastic natural resources starting from Mount Rinjani to exotic and rarely visited beaches including Kuta beach, Aan Cape, as well as the attractive small islets (known as gili).

There are six ways that can be applied by backpackers or non-backpackers to maximize fun of having a vacation in the island.

1. Be well-prepared with itineraries. Spontanities in preparing them sometimes can be more exciting but they are supposed to be the subject to skip if you only have time contraints to have a vacation. Find as much as possible the information of destinations from internet such as accomodations, transportations, distances and durations of visiting one place to the others. Doing them will hinder you from conflict of ideas or spending time on discussing destinations especially if you take the vacation in groups.

One of the sites, helps you find the information on festivals usually held in Lombok. As an example, Malena Sapi (cow race) is held this month in West Lombok and Senggigi Festival is held in Batu Layar village, Lobar regency, West Lombok.

2. It takes more money if you have to rent a car compared with taking a public transportation in Lombok such as Bemo (shuttle bus) or Cidomo (horse cart). An 8-hour car rent of Avanza provided with its driver can be charged for local rate at Rp300,000. The service will enable you to reach areas not served by public transportations as bemo or cidomo are rarely found in Mataram and mostly found out of the city.

The car rent also offers a free of charge tour guide service besides a driver. The drivers know very well the tourist attractions mostly visited by tourists or places rarely visited but abundant with spectacular natural resources as they are natives of the local areas. Don't forget to get the fixed rate of the service to prevent you from having arguments when paying the bill after using the service.

3. Extra cash needed. No charges for entering handicraft centers in Banyumulek Village, Sasak tribe traditional village, Sade village, and Lingsar castle. However, there will be boxes of donation placed at several places that need your volunteer contributions of around Rp5,000-10,000 to help develop local villages.

The amount of money will be needed for volunteer payment of local tour guides that are able to tell you in details of stories and histories on local tourist attractions. That's why it's necessary to prepare small changes of Rp5,000-10,000.

4. Drop by the rarely visited places when taking a trip around Lombok Island as there are many unique places to explore besides common places visited by tourists. Thefore it is necessary to leave as early as 7 in the morning to make sure you have enough time to explore the places. During the time, you can take a view of Sasak farmers planting seeds of paddy in the morning mist. The rising sun shining the greeny paddy fields completes the lovely view.

The moment can be taken by photographers who want to get the scenes of farmers planting paddys, male farmers cultivating fields, as well irregular buyers purchasing dry unhusked rice from farmers. You can take time mingling with locals by greeting and introducing yourself to them. Gradually they will find the comfort to share with you about their daily life and activities as Sasak farmers. If lucky, you will be invited by them to have breakfast on the edge of paddy fields by them.

Stop by the open traditional markets located at road sides. There are days, Mondays and Thursdays, in which all traders from the whole regions of Lombok gather at spots such as Sengkol market, Central Lombok.

5. Be ready with sunblocks. Lombok island is well-known for its exotic beaches lying from West Lombok to South Lombok. Senggigi Beach and three gili lie; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, lie in West Lombok. While fascinating beaches; Kuta, Tanjung Aan and Mawun beach, lie in South Lombok.

There several kinds of activities that you can do on the beaches such as sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, as well as surfing. Sunblock is compulsory to carry along as scorching sunshine on the beaches can get you sunburn. At least by applying sunblock, you do not have to be bothered thinking about being sunburn and can have more fun doing kinds of activities on the beaches.

6. Be ready to have parties on Gili and Senggigi! Night festivities in the island are minimal, not like the ones in Bali popular with its 24-hour festive life. The center of city looks quiet from sort of activities starting at 10 pm.

However, if you still insist on spending the night life in Lombok, you can head to Senggigi where dozens of cafes, karaoke pubs, as well as seafood restaurants are open till late at night.

Enjoy the beauty of night life if you happen to stay in Gili Trawangan. Tourist will be lured by festivities and music entertainment and they can dance to their hearts' contentment until morning comes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sriwijaya Air gets award

Treading 6th year since the first fly of Malang on May 5, 2005, Sriwijaya Air has established itself as an airline that has a major contribution to the District Government of Malang, East Java. Even for his services, Sriwijaya Air, on March 9, 2011 to obtain a high award from the Government of Malang as airline pioneer and driving the economy in the district. Awards received directly by the President Director of PT Sriwijaya Air, Chandra Lie at Hotel Santika Malang.

Agus Soedjono, Senior Corporate Communications Manager of PT Sriwijaya Air to on Friday (11/03/2011), said the award was given to Sriwijaya Air because it is considered as an airline that pioneered the early growth of the economy of Malang Regency.

As a mode of air transportation, continued Agus, Sriwijaya Air is considered to have a strategic position in supplying the needs of passenger transport and goods quickly and accurately. "In addition, if at that time, the movement of people and goods is only passed to and from the city of Surabaya, then with the inclusion of Sriwijaya Air to Malang, become shorter," he said.

Sriwijaya Air influx of economic growth makes the life of Malang Regency. Evidently, the demands of service users is also increasing. Answering all of that, Sriwijaya Air flight was then increase the frequency to twice a day. In fact, in recent months, Sriwijaya Air provides flight frequency Malang-Jakarta PP to three times a day.

Difficult inevitable, growing economy and tourism sector life of Malang Regency, eventually becoming the attraction also for other airlines to contribute.

Agus explained, the presence of competitors does not shake Sriwijaya Air. Nowadays, with the frequency of flights 3 times a day, Sriwijaya Air holds a 60 percent market share. At the end of 2010, Sriwijaya Air is able to record passenger growth by 23 percent with the total number of passengers transported during the year 2010 as many as 99,854 people.

Looking ahead, adds Agus, Sriwijaya Air flight plan, not just from Jakarta to Malang, but other studies will be conducted for purposes other than Jakarta area, such as Denpasar, Mataram, and Yogyakarta.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balinese dance in Paris

Balinese dance brought the young artist from Gianyar Bali Chedi, stunning fans who had attended the show gig in Bray Dun tourist area, North of Paris.

"Lenggak sway women dressed in typical Balinese dancer on stage is a rare type of dance in the country, got a standing ovation the audience," said Dewa Rai Budiasa, group leader of the arts from Paris on Wednesday (13/07/2011).

Bray Dun tourist area, North of Paris, has a white sandy beach, the conditions are not much different from Sanur beach on the island of the Gods, only cleaner and much visited by foreign tourists who vacation in the country.

Dewa Rai Budiasa explained, the coastal tourist areas of Paris is a population of about 100,000 people, but able to receive the visit of tourists to eight million people a year, certainly more crowded than Bali.

Balinese arts groups who only a week abroad have held a strike capability in the field of dance and percussion at two locations ie other than in the northern Paris is also in the coastal city of northern Belgium.

"Coastal white sand and clean environment is visited by many European tourists but is very rarely the international community that the Asian countries including Japan," said Dewa Rai, the man who once lived in Germany.

A total of 30 artists who are members of Yayasan Putra Yasa Sedana Payangan Gianyar, Bali, flying around Europe since July 8 until August 22, 2011 was at the invitation of the Committee Forklores Festival in France.

The main purpose of the dance and percussion artists from Bali was followed culture festival parade and workshops in eight cities in France. "During a week in the country received a warm welcome the local community," he said.

Dewa Rai explained, the Government of Indonesia to support the efforts of young artists from Bali, to be followed Forklores Festival in France, as well as the Indonesian tourism promotion event. "The government must dare to increase tourism promotion activities to France, considering the countries in the European region is the country's tourist potential and loyal dollarnya spend time traveling abroad," said Rai.

He hopes that with the participation of artists from the town of Gianyar Bali to the domestic arts in that mode, able to provide a new atmosphere for the world of Indonesian tourism, in addition to inspiring young artists.

source: antara

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Largest Real Estate Project In Jakarta City

1. CasablancaCity (Kota Kasablanka)

Casablancacity is building an integrated project consisting of two blocks of office towers, four twin-tower apartment block and shopping mall area of ​​110 thousand square meters.

Superblock project from the developer from Surabaya, Pakuwon Group, on an area of ​​9.5 hectares (ha), with a total investment of Rp2, 1 trillion is predicted to be completed in 2012 and could operate in 2013.

2. Kuningan City

Kuningan City, one of the malls and apartments in Casablanca.

Kuningan Kuningan City is a project property consists of two apartments, one office, retail and entertainment centers, and convention hall. Superblock project that developed by Agung Podomoro Group is built on an area of ​​2.9 ha with an investment of around Rp2, 2 trillion.

3. Ciputra World

Ciputra World is developing a complete superblock, consisting of malls, apartments, hotels, premium apartments, offices, and museums built on an area of ​​5.5 ha. Large projects that built the legendary property entrepreneur, Ciputra, is expected to cost around Rp 3 trillion.

4. Superblock The City Center (TCC) Batavia

TCC Batavia is a project on an area of ​​7.2 ha consisting of offices, convention and exhibition hall, apartments, five star hotels, and serviced apartments are in one area. The first phase of project development leading developer, Harry Gunawan, this is ONE Office Tower.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Festival Malang Kembali VI (Malang Tempo Doeloe 2011)

Malang Kembali Festival is one of the annual agenda of Malang. Malang Kembali or more famous with Malang Tempo Doeloe Festival along Jalan Ijen held in May 2011. This event presents a variety of performances, exhibitions, cultural degree, market people, and workshops. Where events are held such displays its own uniqueness of Indonesian culture, especially culture Panji which is typical of the culture of East Java.

Lots of original buyada from the region of Malang city that will be displayed in this festival. Perhaps the event was more like a night market in the villages in general. Side of the draw of the festival Malang Tempo Doeloe the participants and visitors are expected to wear traditional clothing in celebrating this festival.

If you visit the Malang city in May then you can see this festival. Congratulations to visit Malang Tempo Doeloe (Malang Old Festival).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enjoy the beauty of the Sea In Morotai Sail 2012 Festival

Country Indonesia currently has a lot of international events. Recently Sail Morotai 2012 has been inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Morotai Sail 2012 event will be equipped with various activities, such as fishing competition, culinary tourism, and cultural festivals.

In my opinion, some regions in Indonesia have a nice beach and sea. We expect Morotai be one place that can be exposed, in addition to Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. However, to be able to implement Sail 2012 Morotai needed infrastructure development. One obstacle is the availability of the hotel. North Maluku Governor Thaib Armaiyn promised his side will prepare 1,000 houses to be a homestay with improvements for homestay facilities meet the standards.

Another problem is the limited power supplies in the District Morotai. So at certain hours of power outages. Regent Sukemi Sahab say that the company has promised on May 1, 2011 to increase the supply of electricity. Moreover, access is difficult to Morotai also a complaint of tourists. But according Sukemi, there is now the winning bid for airline flights to Morotai.

To get to Morotai you can catch a small plane that route Ternate, Morotai. The price is currently around Rp. 274 000.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Come and visit to Bali Buleleng Festival

For the first time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a People's Buleleng Arts Festival (Festival Kesenian Rakyat Buleleng), the City of Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali, on 31 March to 2 April 2011. The event will be opened immediately the Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik.

So far only focused tourists in the southern region, such as Badung, Gianyar and Denpasar. Tourists prefer to Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, or Ubud.

In fact, the northern part of Bali also has a tourism potential that is not less interesting. One of them is Lovina Beach which is also the natural habitat of dolphins and have a charming view of the sea.

Pesta Kesenian Rakyat Buleleng Folk Arts Festival will also be opened Capital City artists such as Anang and Ashanti, Cokelat Band, and dangdut singer Yan Velia. Although folk art show, party, judging from the composition of the event, the appearance of a typical local arts of Buleleng in fact minimal. The committee further highlight the appearance of a music band or solo singer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today Tour to Mount Bromo has Opened for Visit East Java 2011

Mount Bromo tourist attraction re-opened to the public, after closing for five months due to an increase in volcanic activity.

Head of the Division of Administration Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS), Suwasto, in Malang, East Java, on Tuesday (3/29/2011) said reopening Bromo tourist area for tourist visits, conducted on Wednesday (30/03/2011) .

"The opening of Bromo tourist areas have been considered carefully, and there are three things that are considered by us to reopen the tourist area, "he said.

Three points to be considered is the decrease in eruptive activity after a burst of volcanic material was not as frequently occurs during the early days of eruption. In addition, many residents around Bromo who lost their livelihoods as a provider of tourism services since shut down tourist areas and associated with the program "Visit East Java 2011"which made ​​Mount Bromo in East Java as a tourism icon.

"Mount Bromo has been established as an icon 'Visit East Java in 2011'. So, to attract tourists, the tourist area of ​​Bromo must be opened again," he said.

Meanwhile, although in general has been opened, the tourists remain banned from approaching the crater up to a radius of two kilometers. TNBTS has posted warning signs at some point of view as a safe distance. "We have been installing signs warning tourists and officials to supervise in violation of safe distance," he said.

Until now, a volcano located on the border of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang and Jember the standby status (level III). Until now it was raining ash still thin which leads to the three villages, namely Ngadisari, Ngadirejo, and Wonokerto, District Sukapura, Kabupaten Probolinggo.

Based on visual observation post officer Volcano Monitoring petugas Pos Pemantauan Gunung Api (PPGA) Bromo in Hamlet Cemorolawang, Ngadisari Village, on Sunday (27/03/2011) at 00.00 until 06.00 am visible smoke thick brownish-gray crater with moderate to strong pressure-altitude 400-800 meters.

At that period there has been an earthquake tremor continuously with a maximum amplitude of 1-25 mm, six times the eruption with an amplitude of 30-40 mm for 17-32 seconds, and lava from the crater lip was also observed with the clamor weak to moderate.

Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) urged the public to prepare a mask covering the nose and eye protection.

In addition, the roof of the house affected by heavy rain of volcanic ash, to be cleaned immediately to prevent the collapse of roof due to heavy load. Masyarajat also be wary of collapse under the weight of ash trees that can trigger a landslide, so that will threaten human settlements and road users.

For people who disrupted by the rain of ash, especially children and other vulnerable people until raining ash evacuate immediately subsided.

Bali is The Best Tourist Places in Asia Pacific

DestinAsian tourism magazine awarded the sixth time to Bali as the best tourist destinations in Asia Pacific. This award is given in the event of The Sixth DestinAsian Reader's Choice Awards.

Tourist island of Bali to maintain the predicate as the best tourist destination, which is generated through survey of readers of both print and online.

"The award is given to Bali to motivateother regions in Indonesia to develop its tourism destinations , " saidSaptaNirwandar Director General of Marketing The Ministry of Culture and Periwisata when found Okezone Friday ( 03/25/2011 ) .

Sapta added, before bali also get two other awards for the category of Best Spa Resort in Asia Pacific who received Ayana Resort and Spa and The Legian as the best hotel retreat.

Brenda Rumahlewang GM of Operations Magazine DestinAsian's say, from the Survey that we conduct as many as 1,500 respondents in Asia Pacific and around the world choose Bali as an attractive tourism destination to visit, to rank second destination to Phuket to attend.

"The survey includes service hotels, resorts, and flight services, he said.

"With the award that shows the consistency of Bali in maintaining the quality of the tourism minister for foreign tourists,"he concluded.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Air Terjun Bantimurung Waterfall National Park at South Sulawesi

Bantimurung Waterfall National Park, located in Makassar, South Sulawesi, is still a favorite of local and domestic tourists. Just need an hour drive from the airport, you and your family will find the area full of shady trees. Cool air and rustling waterfalls make want to linger in this place. Moreover, while mengelar mats and picnic with family. The atmosphere was more exciting.

Not only, waterfalls Bantimurung also famous for its butterflies. Do not be surprised when entering the area is full of traders souvenirs made ​​of preserved butterflies. Since it came to the waterfall Bantimurung in May. At this time, many emerging butterfly. The kids did not just play water, but also learn about the butterfly. If you want educational tours of the butterfly, just go to Butterfly Museum located in the same region.

To reach the waterfall Bantimurung, you must pass through Jl. Pioneer Independence towards Maros Regency. Well, do not forget to buy Roti Maros bread in travel.
Roti Maros bread is bread typical from Maros region. Appearance is very simple, like ordinary bread. Characteristic of this bread is sugar apple stuffing. It was a legit definite favorite of children.

1001 Fascination in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park, one of the popular vote competition nominees "New 7 Wonder", invited the attraction of foreign and local tourists. The appeal of the Park was not solely due to the presence of dragons.

The park was established in 1986 by UNESCO as world heritage site is situated between the province of West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. In it includes three major islands, namely Pulau Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, as well as some small islands with a land area covering 603 km ² and a total area of ??1817 km ².

Administratively, this region is located within the District Park, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. National Park covering an area of ??132,572 hectares had been designated as forest conservation area by the Minister of Forestry was initially formed with the purpose of preserving unique species and a rare Komodo dragon.

The controversy that accompanied the event voting no effect on the intensive efforts to continue to maintain its sustainability. Komodo is the largest lizard species in the world who live on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Gili Dasami in Nusa Tenggara. By local people, dragons are often called ora.

Komodo has an average length of 2-3 m. Large size is associated with symptoms of island gigantism, the tendency for body meraksasanya certain animals that live on small islands. The cause is due to the absence of mammalian carnivores on the island where dragons live and the rate of metabolism is small. Because of his body, dragons occupy the position of a top predator that dominates its place of living ecosystems.

Komodo dragons are found in 1910. Her body is great and terrible reputation made ??popular dragons at the zoo. Dragons in the wild habitat has shrunk and therefore the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) includes dragons as a species vulnerable to extinction. These large lizards are protected under Indonesian law and a national park was established to protect them.

The appeal of the Park is not solely because of the presence of dragons. Panorama savanna and underwater scenery is an attraction potential. Submarine tours, for example fishing, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, or boating. While on land, natural tourism potential that can be done is to observe wildlife, hiking, and camping. Visiting the Park and enjoy the natural scenery is very charming an experience that will never be forgotten.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jembatan Suramadu Bridge The Landmark of Indonesia

Bridge is the longest bridge in East Java and including the longest in Indonesia. This is a giant project of Indonesia in the era of reform that has been successfully established. As we know, the longest bridge which has just inaugurated by the president last year, is a magnificent work in Indonesia, which connects the island of Java and Madura Island.

Suramadu is a word derived from Surabaya and Madura. Which means linking the island of Java and Madura through the city of Surabaya. This bridge connects and divides the Madura Strait.

You should know that the bridge has a length of 5438 meters. If you travel to Surabaya, it is not complete if you do not visit this landmark. The building that became the pride of the people of Surabaya.

OVJ Opera Van Java travel to Malang

Until the 519th episode aired the first time since December 12 two years ago, Opera Van Java finally held a roadshow to the town of Malang. For two days, (25-26/3) Trans 7 will be in Malang by presenting OVJ program, held at the (Universitas Negeri Malang) State University of Malang Graha Cakrawala Universitas Negeri Malang.

The presence of talent OVJ to his city, would not be left silent by the people of Malang city. Since the announcement, they continue to hunt for places where to get tickets were distributed for free.

No wonder in a short time these tickets sold out direbutkan. Even still many who do not get ration tickets to watch the show day or night.

"We did not expect so much public interest against OVJ arrival in the city of Malang. The number of 8000 tickets is the biggest attendance we've ever experienced during roadshows held in some areas,"explained Alung, Executive Producer OVJ.

"Therefore, we as providers of Trans7 apologize profusely for the prospective audience who did not get a ticket," continued Alung, responding to complaints viewers could not get tickets.

For those who do not get a ticket, the Trans7 provide big screen outside the building. As for people who can not come directly witness the hilarious action Parto, Nunung, Andre, Aziz and Sule, could see the broadcast on television.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Need Two Years, To Clean Dust Merapi in Borobudur Temple

Cleaning Mount Merapi volcanic ash at Borobudur Magelang regency, Central Java, has yet to complete and it took two years. Cleaning the outside of the initial extent and have not touched the inside of the stone structure of the temple.

Volcanic ash was still in the crevices of the wall drainage or waterways and the stupa of the temple. If left unchecked, sulfur-containing volcanic ash has the potential to make a stone temple mold.

To that end, in 2011, BKPB scheduled cleaning of volcanic ash in the crevices of walls, drainage, and the stupa with the funds of Rp 268.9 million. In the same year, BKPB conduct research on the effects of volcanic ash stone temples in cooperation with conservation experts from the United States and UNESCO.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

There is no one of Komodo Being Stress

The number of tourist visits to Komodo Island is already governed by the manager of the Park. Head of Administration Division of TNK Heru Rudiharto disclose it to respond to the news about 24,000 foreign tourists visit the island of Komodo dragons that cause stress the komodo.

"There is no event that Komodo stressful to death"

Heru daily based in Labuan Bajo which is the entrance so they can better know TNK TNK situation. "We set the cruise ship, not direct thousands down all, but we gradually set of 40-50 people. Not all at once down," he said.

He said, if a cruise ship with a capacity of 10,000 people, then do pick-up 20-30 times. "Jetty is also limited in accommodating. Cruise ships can not be directly, so picked up by speedboat. There's no way 10,000 people can go straight down," he said.

He later said, the capacity of Komodo Island is only 40-50 people. Although the island of Komodo was able to accommodate up to 100 people per day. "This is not mass tourism. We can not accept at the same time thousands of people. KNP that eco-tourism. We are prioritizing habitat and ecosystem of the island of Komodo, not the tourism aspect," he said.

In 2010, according to Heru, the number of visits reached 44,000 a year. "Of course there are times when the peak in June-July. In a month could be 5,000 people," he said.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sukhoi Attractions in Gorontalo

Entertained residents of Gorontalo Province attractions Sukhoi fighter aircraft and skydiving on Saturday (19/02/2011) in the field, State University of Gorontalo, Gorontalo City. The event to celebrate the anniversary of the 10th province of Gorontalo. Thousands of memadatai field from 08:00 pm to see the attraction plane.

Attractions that starts at 09.30 pm The flight begins low four Sukhoi aircraft in the air in Gorontalo city. Apart from low flying at high speed, combat aircraft the fourth show of skill by the action of spinning in the air. Residents were very enthusiastic with the presence of the four Russian-made fighter aircraft.

After completion of attractions, 30 paratroopers from the Special Forces military unit deployed from Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft. Jump is divided into three phases, each consisting of 10 jumpers. There is a snake-hose formation and there is a carry six flags emblem five districts and one city in the province of Gorontalo.