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Monday, July 5, 2010


Tari Reog Ponorogo/Reog Dance represent a folk art from Ponorogo East Java area. This Dance about story war from monarchic palace of Kediri Jawa Timur. The Dance depicting story King journey from empire of Bantarangin to Kediri defeat a tiger group and peacock led by Singobarong.

Reog Ponorogo Is a folk dance entangling 30 until 45 dancer The main dancer wear big clothes is made from peacock fur and wear head mask tiger. Heavy of the mask is about 40 until 50 kg and supported by a string nipped by dancer tooth. While Other dancer wear mask like devil.

This Reog Ponorogo Dance have been ever claimed by Malaysia as culture from the state. But get hard reaction from Indonesia citizen specially original citizen of Ponorogo. Dance Reog Ponorogo is real from Indonesian original culture.