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Monday, July 5, 2010


Tari Reog Ponorogo/Reog Dance represent a folk art from Ponorogo East Java area. This Dance about story war from monarchic palace of Kediri Jawa Timur. The Dance depicting story King journey from empire of Bantarangin to Kediri defeat a tiger group and peacock led by Singobarong.

Reog Ponorogo Is a folk dance entangling 30 until 45 dancer The main dancer wear big clothes is made from peacock fur and wear head mask tiger. Heavy of the mask is about 40 until 50 kg and supported by a string nipped by dancer tooth. While Other dancer wear mask like devil.

This Reog Ponorogo Dance have been ever claimed by Malaysia as culture from the state. But get hard reaction from Indonesia citizen specially original citizen of Ponorogo. Dance Reog Ponorogo is real from Indonesian original culture.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

WAYANG KULIT The Classic Art From JAWA

Every country have unique culture or artistry. In Indonesia especially in Java, there are a unique traditional artistry. the Tradition art is Wayang Kulit. Wayang Kulit is very popular and popular show art by various society in Java, and have got confession as cultural masterpiece of world ( Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) ratified by UNESCO on 7 November 2003.

Wayang Kulit show one of the form culture of unique Traditional Java and full of life philosophy values signalizing courtesy, moderation, sincerity, warrior attitude and faithfulness and also the nature of kesatria. Beside that Wayang Kulit Play story also with advice advice developing someone person toward more positive and also develop value
assess nation moral.

The Philosophy life values usually in the form of Symbol, like in Wayang Kulit picture, Ianguage and or used story in the theatre of Wayang Kulit. Symbol in puppets that's which is used by a Dalang as study media from a generation to next generation.

As is big of lifted story in the theatre of Wayang Kulit stem from Ramayana epic and Mahabarata ( coming from Indian) which is then processed, to be renewed and adapted by tradition and way of cultural approach of Java.

Wayang Kulit very coherent in life of Java society, therefore Java society accustomed perform a Wayang Kulit to commemorate or celebrate affairs of great moment, the example: birth of child, and nuptials commemoration of death.

Wayang Kulit also have important role in religion ritual event of Java society. Most of all countryside in Central Java and East Java in one year once perform Wayang Kulit in honour of and pray their ancestors late.

Religion Ritual ceremony which use Wayang Kulit media also can be met in Ruwatan event. Ruwatan is a magical ceremony with aim to to throw away mischance and also vanish past sin.

According to history data, Wayang Kulit show. there have in Java since 11th century. In the begining, Wayang Kulit show. represent the part of religious ritual ceremony of Java society. But along era growth, shadow play performance. have turned into show art which beside as media education of moral also as entertainment amusement media.

In the theatre of Wayang Kulit, Appliance Music Gamelan also become music which is obliged to be played. Gamelan represent traditional castanets which become music master in Wayang Kulit. Incomplete if in the theatre of this no gamelan.

by ramadhani

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Music Gamelan Java in Alps

Traditional music of jawa in the reality have wide in ordinary europe. Ussually gamelan enjoyed in palace or building. But unique really extraordinary and when played above alps, Switzerland.

Last Saturday, gamelan oscillation and Java Javanese song heave melodiously in downtown Martigny, Kanton Valais, Switzerland. Song Java, Suwe Ora Jamu, early gamelan concert performed by Java in Especial Podium, Place Du Manoir, Martigny. Concert Gamelan the deputize Indonesia in festival 5 continent “Festival des Cinq Continents“ presenting is assorted of cultural and artistic type from foreign countries.
More than 200 visitor follow to witness Java gamelan concert, brought by fifteen adolescent people, Music schoolboy 1,2,3 Musique Sion, head Nicole Coppey. Javanese song Java like "Kupu Kuwi" and is "Kagok Semarang" also played in the concert. Even do not be chummy in ear all visitor which mostly European people, they very is enjoying traditional music of Indonesia.

This Java Gamelan Concert is not the first time concert in europe. Before this is ever performed by Group Music Nicole Coppey. Previous, this Group Music have performed concert gamelan in Sion, Montreux and Bern, Switzerland.

Pride and moved emotionally that's which I feel when knowing gamelan music have been heard by European people in mountain of alpen. Gamelan is original castanets from indonesia jawa indicating that Indonesia have valuable culture and owning high civillization.