Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jakarta Traffic Jam, Who's wrong?

Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia and become capital city. Jakarta located in Pulau Jawa Island, at the west java side. Jakarta now have 14 million people population, so you can imagine how much head in this city. Many population have many problem that not easy to resolve. The government now have thingking how to resolve many problem by million citizen.

Traffic jams in Jakarta are now a hot news in this week. Jakarta community have been very trouble with this situation. The government not yet solving this problem. Many trafffic observer predict that Jakarta City become stagnant in 2014. I think that planning of the city zone had been wrong of the city since the early design. The government only to see it without looking at the economic impact to the environment. I hope the government would soon resolve this issue before the citizens of Jakarta goin crazy.

If you intend to pay a visit or traveling to Jakarta, Do not be surprised by this situation. I recommend to use bus transportation by bus way transjakarta to get around the city.

by ramadhani

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