Friday, July 2, 2010

Pantai Sendang Biru

Pantai Sendang Biru located 69 km southerly from Malang town. To be able to pay a visit in this Pantai Sendang Biru have to pass Turen, then Sumbermanjing Wetan. Its Place reside in district of Sumber Manjing Wetan. Pantai Sendang Biru more knowledgeable as Malang Sub-Province fish auction and landing place.

This coast deal with Island Sempu. Apart both only dissociated by narrow strait. Distance between Pantai Sendang Biru and Island Sempu is very compatible weared for the boating of other coastal water sport or. On 7 or 8 Syawal [calendar Java], many society which go up boat go to Island Sempu to take freshwater exist in there. According to trust, effective Island Sempu freshwater for the health of recovering.

So called of Pantai Sendang Biru because in this coast there is source of water or in Javanese meaning “ sendang” which is blue chromatic.

by ramadhani

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