Friday, May 28, 2010

Explore Pulau Komodo Island National Park

It's time to explore and visit Indonesia by explore indonesia. In this chance i will give short article about explore Komodo Island national park.

Komodo National Park located between two islands that is Pulau Sumbawa and Pulau Flores. That Pulau Komodo is the biggest island in this national park besides Pulau Padar and Pulau Rinca with total wide area 1917 Km2 .

Komodo National Park is already became national park in 1980 and permanently protect by government of Indonesia. This National Park first decrarated to protect the most unique dragon species Komodo Dragon or Varanus Komodoensis. This Komodo Dragon first discovered by JKH Van Steyn in 1911. Now Komodo population are about 4000 that spead to all over islands.

This Location is very unique and you can enjoy like memories to the dinosaurus period because Komodo species has be here since thousands year ago. So you must try to visit this island and explore the Indonesia.

by ramadhani