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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exotic Islands of Bangka Belitung

Bangka–Belitung Islands is a province of Indonesia,that consist two main big islands, Bangka and Belitung, and several smaller ones that 470 islands lie east of the Sumatran mainland and northeast of South Sumatra province. The Bangka Strait separates Sumatra and Bangka, and the Gaspar Strait separates Bangka and Belitung.

The province was formerly part of South Sumatra, but became a separate province in 2000. In 2004 its population was 1,012,655. The capital is Kota Pangkal Pinang.

These islands are the largest producer of tin in Indonesia. They also produce white pepper. Many people call this island with Tin Paradise.

Bangka Belitung has many beaches and smaller islands which have attracted tourists from around the world. The most well known beaches are Matras, Parai, Tanjung Pesona, Batu Bedaun, Remodong, Pasir Padi, Tanjung Kelian, Rebo, and Telok Uber Beach.

by ramadhani

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masakan Padang The Traditional Cuisine Indonesia

Do you know Masakan Padang?
If you traveling to Indonesia and visit to Padang in West Sumatera, you will find many restaurant with name Masakan Padang.

Masakan Padang is the name of traditional cuisine from Minangkabau Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia. Masakan Padang is among the most popular food throughout the Malay archipelago. This Minangkabau cuisine also open Masakan Padang Restaurants, in all over big city in Indonesia. So that Masakan Padang become Famous successful traditional restaurant in Indonesia. This cuisine also well knowed by any name food like: Rendang, Sate Padang, Sambal Balado, Kalio, Palai, Dendeng.

If you planing to traveling in Indonesia dont missed this Masakan Padang. This cuisine are really delicious. Enjoy it.

By ramadhani