Monday, December 19, 2011

Enchantment in Danau Tiga Warna Kelimutu Lake Flores island

If your hobby is natural activity, do a trip to Lake Three Colors, Flores, who was in the northern island of Flores, precisely in the village of strikes, District Moni, Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. According to some sources encountered, the best time to enjoy the scenery in a natural lake that lies on top of Mount Flores it was early morning at sunrise.

Travel can be reached from the town of Ende which takes approximately two hours with a standard speed. To get an amazing view of sunrise, you have to leave at around 3:30 pm.

Transport access to the lake is not so easy, but local and foreign tourists usually prefer to hire a vehicle through local travel agents, or if the clever approach of local communities, not hard we can rent their bikes. But do not forget to check the condition of the vehicle before, do not let your tour plagued by technical problems resulting from our own negligence.

Or if we do not want to rush off early morning, may also choose to stay at some home stay run by local people with a range of Rp 25,000 to Rp 50,000. Or we can stay in cottages provided local governments with a range of Rp 50,000 to Rp 75,000. All depends on your needs.

Approximately two hours along winding roads, ravines and cliffs on its sides, as well as road conditions are not so smooth in some parts until we get to the village of Moni, the village is situated at the foot of Mount Flores. Stinging cold to the bone, heavy clothing becomes an obligation for this trip. Therefore, for those of you who have an allergy cold, it is advisable to wear thick clothing.

From the village of Moni, the lake has ever been nominated for the wonders of the world that live within 45 minutes travel alone. The road narrowed and began to climb. But the natural scenery on the left and right to be tired of drugs and make this challenging journey enjoyable.

To enter national parks Flores, we only pay a fee of Rp 2,000 only. To get to the lip of the lake, we still have to up the stairs and cobblestone streets about 20 minutes. The sound of birds chirping and forest insects accompany each step to the lake which is located 1690 meters above sea level until we get to the point of view.

Creation of the Almighty etched in front of the eyes, three separate crater-shaped lake on the left and right. If adjusted to the eye, the lake on the left or brownish-black in the local language is called Ata Mbupu Tiwu which according to local belief, the lake is a haven of old ghosts.

Who's who on the right, there are two separate lakes thin cliffs. A light-blue local call Tiwu Nuwa Muri Ko'o Fai or lake funeral spirits of young people, being the rightmost dark green Tiwu named Ata Polo, who is believed to be the wake wicked spirits.

According to local residents who had accompanied there, you include people who are lucky if the trip to see a monkey. Local people believe that the lake is a sacred lake and give fertility to the surrounding area, it is not uncommon ceremonies are often held at the lake where people make offerings to the spirits of the earth results in the lake.

Changes in the natural and eternal trust

Kelimutu had erupted in 1886 and left three shaped crater lake water color can change unexpectedly, according to the mineral content and the weather. Unexpected changes the color of lake water, it makes its own mystery is not able to solve until now.

It is worth noting, once the lake is never red, white and blue. Like two sides of a coin that could not be separated, to walk in harmony with the natural changes lasting trust of local communities to make a magic lake itself is an attraction for everyone, especially those of you outdoors enthusiasts and fans of natural scenery.