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Saturday, March 26, 2011

OVJ Opera Van Java travel to Malang

Until the 519th episode aired the first time since December 12 two years ago, Opera Van Java finally held a roadshow to the town of Malang. For two days, (25-26/3) Trans 7 will be in Malang by presenting OVJ program, held at the (Universitas Negeri Malang) State University of Malang Graha Cakrawala Universitas Negeri Malang.

The presence of talent OVJ to his city, would not be left silent by the people of Malang city. Since the announcement, they continue to hunt for places where to get tickets were distributed for free.

No wonder in a short time these tickets sold out direbutkan. Even still many who do not get ration tickets to watch the show day or night.

"We did not expect so much public interest against OVJ arrival in the city of Malang. The number of 8000 tickets is the biggest attendance we've ever experienced during roadshows held in some areas,"explained Alung, Executive Producer OVJ.

"Therefore, we as providers of Trans7 apologize profusely for the prospective audience who did not get a ticket," continued Alung, responding to complaints viewers could not get tickets.

For those who do not get a ticket, the Trans7 provide big screen outside the building. As for people who can not come directly witness the hilarious action Parto, Nunung, Andre, Aziz and Sule, could see the broadcast on television.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

There is no one of Komodo Being Stress

The number of tourist visits to Komodo Island is already governed by the manager of the Park. Head of Administration Division of TNK Heru Rudiharto disclose it to respond to the news about 24,000 foreign tourists visit the island of Komodo dragons that cause stress the komodo.

"There is no event that Komodo stressful to death"

Heru daily based in Labuan Bajo which is the entrance so they can better know TNK TNK situation. "We set the cruise ship, not direct thousands down all, but we gradually set of 40-50 people. Not all at once down," he said.

He said, if a cruise ship with a capacity of 10,000 people, then do pick-up 20-30 times. "Jetty is also limited in accommodating. Cruise ships can not be directly, so picked up by speedboat. There's no way 10,000 people can go straight down," he said.

He later said, the capacity of Komodo Island is only 40-50 people. Although the island of Komodo was able to accommodate up to 100 people per day. "This is not mass tourism. We can not accept at the same time thousands of people. KNP that eco-tourism. We are prioritizing habitat and ecosystem of the island of Komodo, not the tourism aspect," he said.

In 2010, according to Heru, the number of visits reached 44,000 a year. "Of course there are times when the peak in June-July. In a month could be 5,000 people," he said.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sukhoi Attractions in Gorontalo

Entertained residents of Gorontalo Province attractions Sukhoi fighter aircraft and skydiving on Saturday (19/02/2011) in the field, State University of Gorontalo, Gorontalo City. The event to celebrate the anniversary of the 10th province of Gorontalo. Thousands of memadatai field from 08:00 pm to see the attraction plane.

Attractions that starts at 09.30 pm The flight begins low four Sukhoi aircraft in the air in Gorontalo city. Apart from low flying at high speed, combat aircraft the fourth show of skill by the action of spinning in the air. Residents were very enthusiastic with the presence of the four Russian-made fighter aircraft.

After completion of attractions, 30 paratroopers from the Special Forces military unit deployed from Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft. Jump is divided into three phases, each consisting of 10 jumpers. There is a snake-hose formation and there is a carry six flags emblem five districts and one city in the province of Gorontalo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts Again

Sinabung Mountain located in the Karo district, North Sumatra erupted twice, overnight. Residents of 14 villages around the volcano were evacuated.

Previously, the community Sinabung did not expect the mountain will erupt as it gets information from officers Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), that the mountain is still in a safe condition. But suddenly erupts.

Sinabung having an altitude of 2460 meters above sea level began to show its activity by removing the black smoke on Saturday (28 August 2010) yesterday morning.

Because dormant for hundreds of years, many analysts do not predict it, so impressed by a sudden eruption and the government is not ready. And I think the government is less concerned with the natural conditions in Indonesia,a lot happening around the mountain and forest logging activities that do not destroy nature ought to be imitated.

by ramadhani

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bank Rakyat Indonesia BRI The Oldest Bank in Indonesia

Do you know BRI Bank?
When you traveling to Indonesia you will find many bank that name Bank Rakyat Indonesia(BRI).
Bank Rakyat Indonesia(BRI) is the oldest Bank that ever established in Indonesia. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) was established on December 16, 1895 in Purwokerto, Central Java by a native named Raden Aria Wirjaatmadja, with name-en Hulp der Inlandsche Spaarbank Bestuurs Ambtenaren.

With the development of the banking world is increasingly fast then until today the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Unit which has amounted to 4447 units. This is one of the largest in Indonesia. Bank Rakyat Indonesia is identical to the rural communities that are very familiar with the Indonesian community in general.

For it is not surprising if the BRI Sign 50 Great Companies in Forbes Asia.

Lends to small business, including "the woman in the market selling vegetables, farmers raising chickens and growing rice, traders taking the rice to market, weavers, fishermen and cooks." The government owns 57%, but Bank Rakyat, which means "People's Bank," claims to have been profitable for 20 years, even during the Asian financial crisis. 570 branches across Indonesia's mostly rural archipelago collect savings from 33 million mostly lower-income customers. Does good and does well; return on capital has averaged 22% over the last 5 years.

Bank BRI now become the biggest Bank and stable the economic in Indonesia.

by ramadhani.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jakarta Traffic Jam, Who's wrong?

Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia and become capital city. Jakarta located in Pulau Jawa Island, at the west java side. Jakarta now have 14 million people population, so you can imagine how much head in this city. Many population have many problem that not easy to resolve. The government now have thingking how to resolve many problem by million citizen.

Traffic jams in Jakarta are now a hot news in this week. Jakarta community have been very trouble with this situation. The government not yet solving this problem. Many trafffic observer predict that Jakarta City become stagnant in 2014. I think that planning of the city zone had been wrong of the city since the early design. The government only to see it without looking at the economic impact to the environment. I hope the government would soon resolve this issue before the citizens of Jakarta goin crazy.

If you intend to pay a visit or traveling to Jakarta, Do not be surprised by this situation. I recommend to use bus transportation by bus way transjakarta to get around the city.

by ramadhani

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Small Islands in Sail Banda 2010

Indonesia Now have international event for sea traveling that name Sail Banda 2010. Sail Banda in this year will take the main theme of "Small Island, For Our Future" means small islands fatherly our future. This theme was taken because the Moluccas as the location of this activity is a province that is dominated by its geographical srtucture of small islands. At the same time as very weak area with the climate change issue is very relevant when the discussion focused on the impact of climate changes on small islands. An exciting agenda to be understood by the Forum Islands Province.

Do you know?
Banda archipelago consists of ten volcanic islands scattered in the Banda Sea, ± 140 km south of the island of Pulau Seram and 2000 km east of Pulau Java. Islands 180 km ² area is included in the Maluku province. Largest city, Bandanaira, located on the island of the same name. Approximately 15,000 people live in these islands. Until the mid-19th century, the Pulau Banda Islands were the only source of nutmeg spice. The islands are popular for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Banda have beautiful vision of panorama in Indonesia. You will get the valuable experience when traveling and visit Banda Islands.

Let's travel and visit Pulau Banda Island in Sail Banda 2010 Indonesia.

by ramadhani

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Survival The Orangutan in Kutai

About 2.097 Kalimantan East orangutan which is life in National Park Kutai area nowadays besieged by conversion forest. Forest area around that national park is converted for the development of industrial crop forest, enterpasing of forest, mining, and development plantation of sawit.

Besides besieged by conversion forest, orangutan habitat in threatened Kutai also because a number of hard damage forest area, for example effect of forest fire, illegal logging, coal mine, and setlement around road.

I hope society and government around forest also follow protecting the orang utan. Because Orang-Utan is scarce animal. I also surprise why government do not quickly react and still enable all forest entrepreneur to destroy our beautiful forest.

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