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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monumen Nasional Monas, Indonesian Landmark in Jakarta

MONAS is the name of National Monument in centre of Jakarta. Monas is abbreviation from Monumen Nasional (in Indonesian). Monas or Monumen Nasional have become icon of Jakarta City. Monas located in the centre of Jakarta City, become Taman Wisata or Park and centre of education place. Monas was build in 1959 and inaugurated in 1961.

Monas was build with 132 meter in height and shaped with Lingga Yoni. Monas monument tower building as a whole coated marble. Monas' flame-shaped peaks are coated with a material with a weight of 45 kg gold.

Monas has a wide green garden, so often visited Jakarta residents to travel or recreation. Monas Park also has a feature that is maintained by the deer which were imported from the presidential palace in Bogor.

The entire building was designed by the architects Monas Indonesia namely Soedarsono, Frederich Silaban and Ir. Rooseno. On August 17, 1961, Monument was inaugurated by President Soekarno. And began to open to the public since July 12, 1975.

If you come to visit Jakarta a time to visit Taman Monument Monas. Here you can learn the history of Indonesia and see the sights of the city Jakarta.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Small Islands in Sail Banda 2010

Indonesia Now have international event for sea traveling that name Sail Banda 2010. Sail Banda in this year will take the main theme of "Small Island, For Our Future" means small islands fatherly our future. This theme was taken because the Moluccas as the location of this activity is a province that is dominated by its geographical srtucture of small islands. At the same time as very weak area with the climate change issue is very relevant when the discussion focused on the impact of climate changes on small islands. An exciting agenda to be understood by the Forum Islands Province.

Do you know?
Banda archipelago consists of ten volcanic islands scattered in the Banda Sea, ± 140 km south of the island of Pulau Seram and 2000 km east of Pulau Java. Islands 180 km ² area is included in the Maluku province. Largest city, Bandanaira, located on the island of the same name. Approximately 15,000 people live in these islands. Until the mid-19th century, the Pulau Banda Islands were the only source of nutmeg spice. The islands are popular for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Banda have beautiful vision of panorama in Indonesia. You will get the valuable experience when traveling and visit Banda Islands.

Let's travel and visit Pulau Banda Island in Sail Banda 2010 Indonesia.

by ramadhani

Monday, July 19, 2010

Traveling Indonesia Visit Taman Nasinonal Kepulauan Seribu

Taman Nasional Kepulauan Seribu is a national park which located in northside Town Jakarta. This National Park have many island so that referred as Kepulauan Seribu with the meaning Thousands of Island. Its Distance about 45 journey minute from Jakarta.

Kepulauan Seribu becoming Jakarta town protector from the wave of Laut Jawa Sea. Kepulauan Seribu owning benefit as environmental stable from pollution. its Mangrove forest which quite a lot can lessen abrasi in the area.

Kepulauan Seribu also become habitat various bird type. So that referred as Heaven of Garden Bird. Among Water birds type and various life visitor bird life here. This National Park is under the protection of government and become covert area.

If you traveling to Indonesia in Kepulauan Seribu you can do many interesting activity like diving, snorkling, sailing, swimming, hunting photo, and bird watching. And need you know that Kepulauan Seribu National Park owning Garden Sea which beautiful so that dive to become most interesting activity here.
by ramadhani
(my travel journal 2009, Traveling Indonesia)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bendungan Karang kates, the great reservoir in Malang

Bendungan Karang Kates is one of the great reservoir in java. This reservoir located about 40km from Malang city, acttually 1 hour travel from malang to the south region. Karang Kates have many funtion to the society of Malang. This reservoir have saving water supply for region need. Karang Kates also have other name with Bendungan Sutami. Sutami is the name of enginer that build and design this reservoir.

In Bendungan Karang Kates you can doing many activity for enjoy your holiday during travel to Malang. Fishing is the most activity that interest many tourist to visit here. Many variety of fish are life here. Enjoying the beautiful sky and panorama of mountain can give you a refreshing day here.

If you want to visit here, I suggest you dont swim here at the water near the dam because danger possible area of speel way of water.

I hope you will enjoy to visit malang in Indonesia. happy traveling to Indonesia.
by ramadhani
(my journey to karang kates when I was at high school)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TIPS to Get cheap flights to indonesia

May be you want to travel to Indonesia. flights in Indonesia in holiday year is very busy time. This Year vacation is busy time top to national flight industry. To You which wish vacation in Indonesia use air transport, this is time busy with hunting plane ticket for traveling to indonesia. Try to pay attention tips traveling indonesia here:
  1. Planning journey when previously. Hence you earn to hunt ticket with possibility get appropriate ticket of monetary condition and schedule of You, much more big.
  2. Listing name of You in journey travel agent. Ask to help to its officer to contact You if at any times there is cheap ticket matching with monetary condition and schedule of You. Systems Online can know all ticket and its price in every air transport.
  3. Hunt ticket pass internet (airline website). purchasing of Ticket pass internet have high accuracy storey.
  4. Avoid air transport in full day like Friday night till Monday morning. Avoid also the rushhour. And nighttime morning usually air transport more diffuse because not many passenger taking a fancy to it.
  5. Follow flyer frequent program a firm if You often conduct air transport. this Program member usually will be given high priority in buying ticket.
  6. If perforced to enter list waiting, do not lose if name of You put in the list. If finally chosen You but do not become to fly, ticket can be canceled.

Travel to Danau Bratan, The beautiful Lake in Bali

Indonesia represent biggest archipelagic country in the world, this state have beautiful natural resources. Island in indonesia have each idiosyncrasy with many place for vacation, Bali resort , traveling indonesia esspecially in Bali Island. Bali represent one of the area of target of wisata in famous indonesia with natural beauty and its culture. Indonesia coasts in Bali very beautiful, besides visiting coast you can enjoy the beauty of lake in bali.

Lake Bratan represent a very famous wisata in bali island. This lake owning many idiosyncrasy with very respect natural panorama . In the middle of Lake Bratan there are a Pura that is Pura Ulun Danu representing altar to The Sang Hyang Dewi Danu as fertility giver.

This region as giant mug with Mount view Organize in northside for a while in between there are beautiful Lake Bratan. Besides respecting, there is unique from this lake. By the side of him there are Mosque Al Hidayah moslem religious service building, whereas beside its there are Pura Ulun Danu. This Pura represent devoting to Sang Hyang Dewi Danu device is source of fertility of land.

According to Bali chronicle, Pura which consist of four meru
( especial building) this build up by King Mengwi in the year 1633. Its sordid building to lake so that seen like out from within water.

How? let's immediately traveling to indonesia and come to Bali..

article by ramadhani
Special Edition information about Indonesia travel information

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation in Pantai Tanjung Lesung Banten

Pantai Tanjung Lesung represent a coast which located in Banten area, westside indonesia jawa island. Indonesia represent state with tropical climate getting sunshine during the year. Pantai Tanjung Lesung with natural beautiful view can draw many tourist, so that in this area many there are luxuriant resort or hotel. Like Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort, Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort is located in west coast of Java and the Sunda Strait. Its Tanjung Lesung Resort Hotel is a four star hotel for Tourist. Many lodging facility in this Pantai Tanjung Lesung for example, various coastal villa of Tanjung Lesung resort, or lodge in Tanjung Lesung cottage.

Tanjung Lesung Banten like most its indonesia coast have clean and beautiful sand carpet. Coast Indonesia with tropical atmosphere of solidarity between forest nature and coast earn you enjoy in Coast Tanjung Lesung Banten. Don't Forget to pay a visit to this coast if you have the day off.