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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monday, November 23, 2015

Famous "Diving Spots" in Indonesia

Indonesia Beautiful sea is one reason for foreign tourists coming to try diving. Indonesia has a sea marine life and coral reefs are very rich.

Good physical condition, must be focused and understand the rules of diving are some things that must be done before it fell into the sea. Safely enjoy the beauty of the sea is to be preferred.

Here are some of the famous diving spots in Indonesia:

Taman Laut Bunaken Coral Reefs

Bunaken Marine Park is located in Manado, North Sulawesi. The park is located in the Coral Triangle is the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world, there are species of coral, fish and the largest mangrove forest. It makes Bunaken very rich in species of coral, molluscs, fish, reptiles and marine mammals. Approximately 390 species of coral reefs and about 90 species of fish in this marine park.


Raja Ampat Papua

Raja Ampat Islands located in Raja Ampat, West Papua province, is home to 75 percent of all known coral species worldwide. Divers will see a variety of molluscs and more than a thousand species of fish. In addition, there are other species such as giant manta rays, pygmy seahorses, leatherbacks, and much more. 

Taman Nasional Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara Province NTT. An archipelago formed a unity, consisting of five major islands, Komodo, Padar, Rinca, Gili Mota, Nusa Kode and approximately 175 other small islands. One favorite spot of divers is around Padar because it can see the marine life so diverse as mackerel, turtles, sharks, large fish such as Barramundi Cod, Parrotfish and others.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Pantai "Pink Beach" on Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink beach or the "Pink Beach" on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), has become a new tourist spot for tourists because it has a unique and rare sand in the world.
I love this beach, the sand color is unique and I can still see rocks sand color range warna.selain alluring and clear beaches, tourists also can perform water tourism activities such as swimming and snorkeling or viewing the coral sea.
Although the sun is so hot, but the sea water at the beach area was cold so that the tourists do not get tired of enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere.

Coastal areas, it still maintained its authenticity because it was hidden and no tourist accommodation facilities were built in the coastal area with the rocky hills and savannah.
Pink Beach can be reached about three hours from the Port of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, NTT.
Indonesian and foreign tourists usually come with a group or party hire speed boats are usually done after they visited the ancient animals Park on Komodo Island.
The rental price for a sailing vessel varies depending on the size of the vessel and the number of passengers. The price varies, eg for medium-sized motor boat with passengers about eight people, could reach 10 million  Rupiah for a sail.


In addition, the beach is also a favorite stop off the tourists who follow the sea sightseeing trip around Bali-Nusa Tenggara West-East.The granules are then crushed rock flows brought up to shore so that the pink sand beaches mixed with sand beige.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Indulge Yourself while Being in Lombok

Lombok island located in West Nusa Tenggara is almost head-to-head with its neighbour island, Bali, in competition of attracting foreign and domestic tourists. Lombok can be categorized as one of the compelete tourist destinations with its fantastic natural resources starting from Mount Rinjani to exotic and rarely visited beaches including Kuta beach, Aan Cape, as well as the attractive small islets (known as gili).

There are six ways that can be applied by backpackers or non-backpackers to maximize fun of having a vacation in the island.

1. Be well-prepared with itineraries. Spontanities in preparing them sometimes can be more exciting but they are supposed to be the subject to skip if you only have time contraints to have a vacation. Find as much as possible the information of destinations from internet such as accomodations, transportations, distances and durations of visiting one place to the others. Doing them will hinder you from conflict of ideas or spending time on discussing destinations especially if you take the vacation in groups.

One of the sites, helps you find the information on festivals usually held in Lombok. As an example, Malena Sapi (cow race) is held this month in West Lombok and Senggigi Festival is held in Batu Layar village, Lobar regency, West Lombok.

2. It takes more money if you have to rent a car compared with taking a public transportation in Lombok such as Bemo (shuttle bus) or Cidomo (horse cart). An 8-hour car rent of Avanza provided with its driver can be charged for local rate at Rp300,000. The service will enable you to reach areas not served by public transportations as bemo or cidomo are rarely found in Mataram and mostly found out of the city.

The car rent also offers a free of charge tour guide service besides a driver. The drivers know very well the tourist attractions mostly visited by tourists or places rarely visited but abundant with spectacular natural resources as they are natives of the local areas. Don't forget to get the fixed rate of the service to prevent you from having arguments when paying the bill after using the service.

3. Extra cash needed. No charges for entering handicraft centers in Banyumulek Village, Sasak tribe traditional village, Sade village, and Lingsar castle. However, there will be boxes of donation placed at several places that need your volunteer contributions of around Rp5,000-10,000 to help develop local villages.

The amount of money will be needed for volunteer payment of local tour guides that are able to tell you in details of stories and histories on local tourist attractions. That's why it's necessary to prepare small changes of Rp5,000-10,000.

4. Drop by the rarely visited places when taking a trip around Lombok Island as there are many unique places to explore besides common places visited by tourists. Thefore it is necessary to leave as early as 7 in the morning to make sure you have enough time to explore the places. During the time, you can take a view of Sasak farmers planting seeds of paddy in the morning mist. The rising sun shining the greeny paddy fields completes the lovely view.

The moment can be taken by photographers who want to get the scenes of farmers planting paddys, male farmers cultivating fields, as well irregular buyers purchasing dry unhusked rice from farmers. You can take time mingling with locals by greeting and introducing yourself to them. Gradually they will find the comfort to share with you about their daily life and activities as Sasak farmers. If lucky, you will be invited by them to have breakfast on the edge of paddy fields by them.

Stop by the open traditional markets located at road sides. There are days, Mondays and Thursdays, in which all traders from the whole regions of Lombok gather at spots such as Sengkol market, Central Lombok.

5. Be ready with sunblocks. Lombok island is well-known for its exotic beaches lying from West Lombok to South Lombok. Senggigi Beach and three gili lie; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, lie in West Lombok. While fascinating beaches; Kuta, Tanjung Aan and Mawun beach, lie in South Lombok.

There several kinds of activities that you can do on the beaches such as sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, as well as surfing. Sunblock is compulsory to carry along as scorching sunshine on the beaches can get you sunburn. At least by applying sunblock, you do not have to be bothered thinking about being sunburn and can have more fun doing kinds of activities on the beaches.

6. Be ready to have parties on Gili and Senggigi! Night festivities in the island are minimal, not like the ones in Bali popular with its 24-hour festive life. The center of city looks quiet from sort of activities starting at 10 pm.

However, if you still insist on spending the night life in Lombok, you can head to Senggigi where dozens of cafes, karaoke pubs, as well as seafood restaurants are open till late at night.

Enjoy the beauty of night life if you happen to stay in Gili Trawangan. Tourist will be lured by festivities and music entertainment and they can dance to their hearts' contentment until morning comes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bali is The Best Tourist Places in Asia Pacific

DestinAsian tourism magazine awarded the sixth time to Bali as the best tourist destinations in Asia Pacific. This award is given in the event of The Sixth DestinAsian Reader's Choice Awards.

Tourist island of Bali to maintain the predicate as the best tourist destination, which is generated through survey of readers of both print and online.

"The award is given to Bali to motivateother regions in Indonesia to develop its tourism destinations , " saidSaptaNirwandar Director General of Marketing The Ministry of Culture and Periwisata when found Okezone Friday ( 03/25/2011 ) .

Sapta added, before bali also get two other awards for the category of Best Spa Resort in Asia Pacific who received Ayana Resort and Spa and The Legian as the best hotel retreat.

Brenda Rumahlewang GM of Operations Magazine DestinAsian's say, from the Survey that we conduct as many as 1,500 respondents in Asia Pacific and around the world choose Bali as an attractive tourism destination to visit, to rank second destination to Phuket to attend.

"The survey includes service hotels, resorts, and flight services, he said.

"With the award that shows the consistency of Bali in maintaining the quality of the tourism minister for foreign tourists,"he concluded.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pantai Tanjung Benoa The Spot of Watersport in Bali

Pantai Tanjung Benoa, the beach that located near Wisata Nusa Dua Area Bali have interesting many tourist to visit Bali. Tanjung Benoa situated at the southeast Bali Island in Nusa Dua. Can reach in 40 minutes from Pantai Kuta Beach, 50 minutes from Pantai Sanur Beach, and 30 minutes from Bandara Ngurah Rai Airport.

Pantai Tanjung Benoa become place for Watersport activity. This coast have quite wave in Bali, So this Pantai Tanjung Benoa have qualified and suitable for doing Water Sport activity. Some Watersport that you can do here like, jetsky, parasailing, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkling, glassbottom and you can visit The Pulau Penyu(Turtle Island) to wacth Turtle breeding activity and rehabilitation.

So if you have travel to bali island you must try to visit Pantai Tanjung Benoa. You will get unforgetable experience in your Bali Tour. I hope you will get happy traveling in Indonesia especially in Bali.

Next post I will give more information about traveling in Indonesia. So happy visit to my blog. Thanks for visit and reading this small article.

by ramadhani

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pantai Ngliyep in South Malang

Ngliyep is name one of the famous beach in south malang. Pantai Ngliyep located at Kedungsalam village, Donomulyo district, about 62 km a way to the south from Malang City. Ngliyep Beach has beautiful sceenery with combination green forest and natural sea of hindian ocean. Panati Ngliyep has beautiful rocky beach panorama, where gigantic waves meet coral reef this is dangerous wave. In addition, it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach. Pantai Ngliyep is provided with some facilities like in Pantai Balekambang such as: stalls, souvenir shop, inns, etc.

You can see Annually the traditional ceremony Upacara Labuhan Mulud (offering ceremony) in this beach. Upacara Labuhan Mulud is the traditional ceremony that always held in the beach at Malang regency by the around society.

If you interest to Visit the Ngliyep beach, you can enjoy its wonderful waves. The Tourist can swimming, sun bathing, or fishing here. But you must be careful because the wave sometime get victim and maybe dangerous for surfing and swimming. The South ocean is famous with great wave in Jawa Island.

by ramadhani
my journey to Pantai Ngliyep Malang

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pantai Sanur Beach

Pantai Sanur Beach, famous coastal because sunrise, only 6 km from Denpasar downtown can reach with car, connective public vehicle or motorbike of Pantai Sanur Beach with Town Denpasar.

Area Sanur known as early tourism growth in Bali attended it hotel like Inna Grand Bali Beach and some other first hotel in Bali at the first time Bali Tourism expand.

Pantai Sanur Beach like fun in visiting by Tourist foreign countries and also Local. At Sunday and holiday, that place become Denpasar townee choice for the recreation of for the recreation of at the same time take a bath in sea.

On its night full moon of many people come to easy going and bath there, at the same time see the beauty of Pantai Sanur Beach in its coastal. The other object is Museum Le Mayeur also drawing many tour to visit.