Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balinese dance in Paris

Balinese dance brought the young artist from Gianyar Bali Chedi, stunning fans who had attended the show gig in Bray Dun tourist area, North of Paris.

"Lenggak sway women dressed in typical Balinese dancer on stage is a rare type of dance in the country, got a standing ovation the audience," said Dewa Rai Budiasa, group leader of the arts from Paris on Wednesday (13/07/2011).

Bray Dun tourist area, North of Paris, has a white sandy beach, the conditions are not much different from Sanur beach on the island of the Gods, only cleaner and much visited by foreign tourists who vacation in the country.

Dewa Rai Budiasa explained, the coastal tourist areas of Paris is a population of about 100,000 people, but able to receive the visit of tourists to eight million people a year, certainly more crowded than Bali.

Balinese arts groups who only a week abroad have held a strike capability in the field of dance and percussion at two locations ie other than in the northern Paris is also in the coastal city of northern Belgium.

"Coastal white sand and clean environment is visited by many European tourists but is very rarely the international community that the Asian countries including Japan," said Dewa Rai, the man who once lived in Germany.

A total of 30 artists who are members of Yayasan Putra Yasa Sedana Payangan Gianyar, Bali, flying around Europe since July 8 until August 22, 2011 was at the invitation of the Committee Forklores Festival in France.

The main purpose of the dance and percussion artists from Bali was followed culture festival parade and workshops in eight cities in France. "During a week in the country received a warm welcome the local community," he said.

Dewa Rai explained, the Government of Indonesia to support the efforts of young artists from Bali, to be followed Forklores Festival in France, as well as the Indonesian tourism promotion event. "The government must dare to increase tourism promotion activities to France, considering the countries in the European region is the country's tourist potential and loyal dollarnya spend time traveling abroad," said Rai.

He hopes that with the participation of artists from the town of Gianyar Bali to the domestic arts in that mode, able to provide a new atmosphere for the world of Indonesian tourism, in addition to inspiring young artists.

source: antara