Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taman Wisata Alam Sangeh Bali

Taman Wisata Alam Sangeh located in Countryside Sangeh, Badung, Bali, about 20km from Denpasar. According to this travel guide, Taman Wisata Sangeh made as garden from empire of Mengwi. So that looking nice this garden is cultivated by nutmeg tree which is special to be delivered from Mount Agung. In fact plan making of this garden very secret but finally making of this garden is known by some people, as a result making of that garden discontinued, till finally that area is called by Sangeh, with the meaning there is one who see.

This place have Very famous Pura that is Pura Bulit Sari. this wisata forest area, becoming place live monkey, only some of just small which exploited by entrepreneur to make some place kiosk sell multifariously of cinderamata manner.

This Forest garden dwelt many by hundreds of monkey. former Monkey Sangeh is true recognized by very wild and oftentimes bother visitor. Monkey Sangeh is also recognized by very ignorant, because oftentimes take goods property of visitor to be returned if when the monkey given by food rasher. But now Sangeh monkey shall no longger as wild as and as ignorant as ahead, because now the monkey have been managed better.

If we have time to visit this wisata garden, we surely will interest with beauty of nutmeg tree which grow this forest, because besides growing of is diametrical, nutmeg tree also have very good wood. But surprisingly, according to some source of Sangeh nutmeg tree according to story cannot be planted in other place. According to this nutmeg forest information have hundreds of year, even among the nutmeg tree it is said there is which have more than three hundred year.

There is interesting matter narrated by organizer and visitor about a tree which have old and will crumple. From estimate of many people, the tree will crumple toward Pura Bukit Sari but its its all in the reality out of the target. Initially the tree will be cut away but nothing that dare to for fear of get anathema.
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