Friday, June 11, 2010

Interesting Tour Package at Lake Sentani Papua

Tour package in Festival Danau Sentani (FDS) in Kalkote wisata area, Sentani East, Jayapura, Papua, becoming new tour travel fascination to foreign tourist and domestic tourist. That submitted by Coordinator Guide Tour Wisata FDS, Herry Wondiwoy, in Sentani, Sub-Province Jayapura town, Tuesday ( 8/6/2010). expressing that sentani lake have tour travel fascination.

He tell, to foreign and also local tourist wishing enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani by circling in lake lip use provided ship continue to look for information either through FDS committee and also pass guide.

Tour travel package which on the market consist of three package:
Package 1
started from Area Wisata Kalkote go to Kampong Puay, then to Abar, continued to Ifale from Ifale to Restaurant Kitchen Papua to lunch by showing wisata ticket.

Package 2
started from Area Wisata Kalkote go to Kampong Abar, then to Puay, here in after to Restauran Kitchen Papua for the lunch and a then continue journey to Kampong Asey, last return to Kalkote.

Package 3
started from Kalkote use bus go to Kampong Kwadeware then from Kwadeware use ship go to Donadai kampong, continued to Ifale then to Abar in Kampong Abar take a rest to lunch with entertained your by mother in the kampong with Lake Sentani ala menu afterwards return to Kalkote.

Although have many its enthusiast, Lake Sentani tour travel package just sold at 10-18 June and one day after FDS during 365 day because preparation of new sale reach 97%. Maiden package of sale of Lake Sentani tour travel started at 12 June to entire/all college in Papua.
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