Sunday, June 13, 2010

See Cenderawasih Bird Attraction Dance in Sawinggrai Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the name of famous archipelago in Papua West region with beauty of fish type variety and rock. Because beauty of this is, almost can be ascertained every tourist paying a visit to Raja Ampat have never overcome opportunity enjoy natural beauty under its sea. It is not strange, many people mention Raja Ampat as heaven to diver world.

If you visit Raja Ampat, use opportunity intentionally to visit to Kampong Sawinggrai, Canton Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat, Papua West. In this village You get opportunity witness mobility of cenderawasih bird, bird becoming Papua mascot, in its original habitat. Bird cenderawasih dance is momen which is very draw for visit. attraction of to dance this represent ritual marry cenderawasih bird. All male will gather to compete to to show beauty of its fur to draw attention female bird. Attraction in Sawinggrai is usually done at morning start at 06.30-7.30 WIT and in the evening, at 16.30-18.00 WIT.

According to local citizen, there is four cenderawasih species type in Sawinggrai, that is red cenderawasih ( Rubra Paradisaea), cenderawasih split cane ( Magnificus Cicinnurus), small cenderawasih ( Minor Paradisaea), and big cenderawasih ( Apoda Paradisaea). From fourth this type of, red cenderawasih represent cenderawasih mascot in this village.

Sawinggrai owning is immeasurable of unique potency which continue to preserve. Besides do not hunt their cenderawasih also apply Sasi system Go out to sea in territorial water around kampong even live as fisherman. Sasi go out to sea is the prohibition order to catch certain sea fauna type in a certain area within which agreed on by its society. Hence, don't surprise when You can pamper Your eye with various fish type and rock. More than anything else if You have snorkling hobby, likely what a pity to overcome Sawinggrai glamor.

If You intend to pay a visit to Kampong Sawinggrai, You can use ship from Shoving to go to Sub-Province Raja Ampat town, that is Waisai. There is two choice, first use ship quickly with time go through about 2 hour, or use pioneer ship property of local government with time go through about 4 hour. Afterwards journey by using longboat go to Sawinggrai gone through during about 2,5 hour. Congratulation pay a visit.
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  1. What wonderful shots. I like the birds very much. They are very colourful.