Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jembatan Suramadu Bridge The Landmark of Indonesia

Bridge is the longest bridge in East Java and including the longest in Indonesia. This is a giant project of Indonesia in the era of reform that has been successfully established. As we know, the longest bridge which has just inaugurated by the president last year, is a magnificent work in Indonesia, which connects the island of Java and Madura Island.

Suramadu is a word derived from Surabaya and Madura. Which means linking the island of Java and Madura through the city of Surabaya. This bridge connects and divides the Madura Strait.

You should know that the bridge has a length of 5438 meters. If you travel to Surabaya, it is not complete if you do not visit this landmark. The building that became the pride of the people of Surabaya.
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